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Happiness Musings

Do you sometimes wonder if happiness or how can you become happier in everyday life?

Be selfish!!

I don’t mean this in a bad way but remember to put yourself on the list the to-do.

Happiness is an inside job. Feeling at home within us is where you will find your true happiness. That comes from knowing you are worthy of love, care, and all the great things that make you happy.

A feeling and glimmer of ease and peace that is permanently there. Even when struggles and obstacles come our way. You are aware of this happiness at your core.

The one that gives you a compass. A lifetime of happiness is cultivated moment by moment day by day.

So do those things that fuel your happiness. Be with people that share in your happiness and surround yourself with information that grows your joy and does not dim your light.

Keep smiling.

Jacqui xoxo

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