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How to set effective Goals

Setting Effective Goals How to set effective and concise Goals. Everyone talks about what they want to achieve, and they

Benefits of setting clear Goals

Benefits of setting clear Goals 5 Benefits of setting clear and concise goals. You are probably wondering what are the

Happiness Musings

Jacqui’s Happiness Journey I turned 42 on 28 March 2022. This was another milestone I am grateful for as many

Developing a Growth Mindset

Develop a Growth Mindset Top 8 Tips to developing a Growth Mindset Developing a growth mindset is crucial for personal

Goal settings

Goal Settings Tips for Mindful Goal Settings Setting goals is an important step in personal and professional development. But just

Healing Poetry

This poem was inspired by a client that touched my heart every time she come into my salon to do

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A proven way of achieving goals that really matter. Setting goals is the first step in turning the impossible into the possible. Join me for the 30 days of Mindful Goal Setting to start building your dreams.

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