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Hi! I am Jacqui

I started my journey as a life coach to spread happiness and, in turn, live into my happiness. Sharing joy is my mission and vision. A few years ago, life was very stressful and complicated. I’m not sure how it got to that stage because I loved my life, the people in it, my work, and my little business. 
I gave a lot of myself to others without keeping some self-love for myself.  I felt tired and overwhelmed, when we don’t have the balance we burn out physically and emotionally. What got me down was the things that I loved doing didn’t give me pleasure anymore. This, coupled with my chronic high blood pressure, things just got too much, and I needed to make drastic changes to find a place where I was happy 

I was diagnosed with Chronic High Blood Pressure at the age go 26 in 2006. To date, I have lived with high blood pressure for 17 years now. I went from a carefree young adult and new business owner to a heap of fear and anxiety. 
I felt like a victim for years, “Why Me” but as I accepted my condition I feel, “Why not me” 
I found joy, purpose, and acceptance in my life, with an illness that has life-threatening implications, because why do I need to suffer from being overwhelmed about the future when my golden moments are right here in the present? 
So I am living my life in pure happiness, right now. 
I have created a life that I love, right now. 
This is what I would love to help you with, finding love, joy, and happiness right now, whatever your circumstances. Often we feel once we have achieved something first, then, only then, can we be happy, but that is such a loss because we deserve to be happy at this moment. 
High blood pressure become my identity and I have accomplished so much regardless of this condition, maybe because of it I have jumped into the scariest goals that I set for myself. 
My scariest journey has been to transition from being a hairdresser and learning a new skill to being a life coach. 
I feel passionate about my life every day, some moments are nerve-wracking, but becoming alive within and pursuing goals that feel too big for me is liberating. 
You can create your life and one that you are in love with 
Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come 
Don’t wait for the money to come before you start 
Fear is your friend when you are learning a new skill 
The best self-care you can give yourself is to wholeheartedly follow your dreams and desires.

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